We are delighted to find that Kombucha is getting more and more attention in our society and that many young Kombucha brewers have emerged who want to make this wonderful drink accessible to everyone. Many flavours and preparation forms, types of processing are marketed.

We are a small family brewery, our Kombucha spukies go through a special process of maturation in handmade ceramic barrels (of course with traditional lacquer without lead or other harmful substances), in an absolutely natural perfect climate (heated with oak wood), all materials used and processing tools are without plastic in every part of the production.

A path of patience, observation and dedication

Why premium?

We are thinking that the best way to come closer to a holistic life is to produce regional handmade with heart and without every kind of industrialized production.

We don’t want to enslave the scoby, as industry usually does with all foods, to optimize profit margins too… that’s not our way, therefore we have a max quantity in our monthly production of only 1000 liter Kombucha to guarantee and maintain our art to brewery in his best way.

The scoby can help us for a healthy life and we will protect him in its original art.