Inspired by the history of Kombucha and our thinking of the health & how our body work, we are excited to brew our premium Kombucha with all its benefits. It was about the beginning of 2019 that we decided to start over as Kombucha brewers.

Kombucha is a type of tea that has been fermented. For our premium kombucha we use only raw organic blend of teas, panela and forest raw honey

After many months of learning about fermentation, different flavours, the history of Kombucha, what it takes to brew in an authentic way and finding a home, we are finally ready to produce premium Kombucha in our Ibiza-based brewery.

We are working with heart and the nature to brew Kombucha with the best natural ingredients as a nutrient rich, refreshing drink for all people . We believe great taste and health benefits are going hand in hand. Refreshing drinks don’t have to be full of sugar, artificial ingredients and without any nutritional value. The new way of refreshing in a fantastic balance of sour & sweet.

We bring your premium kombucha to your home or find us in here!

And there are so many ways to combine Kombucha -so everyone find his favourite taste …. try i!

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