Inspired by the history of Kombucha and our years as tea lovers we are excited to brew our premium Kombucha with all its wonders with finest teas we love. I t was about the beginning of 2019 that we decided to start over as Kombucha brewers.

While Milko kept improving the taste, Susana absolved a master in biotechnology to try to get closer scientifically to the Kombucha wonder world. We blended our favorite teas, we tried and dismissed, we smiled and were upset until we found the Umiko noblest taste without industrial compromises.

We are working with heart, mind and the nature to brew Kombucha with the best natural ingredients as a nutrient rich, refreshing amazing taste for all . We believe great taste and health benefits are going hand in hand. Refreshing drinks don’t have to be full of sugar, artificial ingredients and without any nutritional value. The new way of refreshing in a fantastic balance of sour and sweet with excellent rafinesse.

An ancient wisdom for your body, mind and energy.

As a tribute for the ocean embracing us in Ibiza, we call our Kombuchas, Umiko, child of the Ocean.


The love for the finest teas from Japan, heritage of the traditional fermentation and fun

became Umiko, Ibiza finest Kombuchas

The Future

We believe in tradicional, regional, slow and fair business. This is our core philosophy and the heart of our premium kombucha. From our family to your family We are [...]


Castilla, 13-Ibiza

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